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COVID 19 Updates.

PilotTraining.ca  will run like normal during the COVID crises, as everybody who works on the site already works remotely.  We are very actively working on the material.

    Available courses

    atpl helicopters


    This course will prepare the candidate for the SARON and SAMRA, the two examinations required for the Airline Transport Licence.

    Helicopter Private/Commercial Licence Course

    helo ppl cpl

    This course will prepare the candidate for the PPHEL or CPHEL examinations. Includes Air regulations, Navigation, General knowledge, and Meteorology.

    Helicopter to Aeroplane Private Pilot

    helo to ppl

    This course will prepare the candidate for the PARAC, the examination required for Private Helicopter to Private Aeroplane. Includes topics such as Air Law and General Knowledge (Airframes, Engines and Systems, Theory of Flight, Flight Instruments and Flight Operations).

    Helicopter to Aeroplane Commercial Pilot

    helo to cpl

    This course will prepare the candidate for the CARAC, the examination required for Commercial Helicopter to Commercial Aeroplane. Includes Air Law and Procedures; Meteorology - Upper Air Charts; Airframes, Engines and Systems; Theory of Flight; Flight Instruments; Flight Operations and Human Factors.